Meet the people who make it all happen

Galen Li

CEO and Co-founder

Galen Li is the guiding force behind Freight Dash, applying his deep expertise in manufacturing, supply chain management, and logistics to propel the company forward. A Huazhong University of Science and Technology graduate, Galen holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree specializing in Mechanical Manufacturing Technology and Equipment. His educational background laid a strong foundation for his successful 22-year career, where he honed his skills in warehouse management, manufacturing engineering management, and supply chain logistics.

Galen's journey in the world of supply chain management began at Huawei, where he spent 12 influential years. During his time there, he made significant strides in various departments, including the supply chain logistics department and the European supply center. His work took him to Hungary, adding an international dimension to his impressive profile. His tenure at Huawei was followed by a brief yet impactful period at ManpowerGroup Human Resources (China) Co., Ltd., where he served as a project consultant, providing supply chain logistics IT system solutions.

In June 2021, Galen took the bold step of channelling his wealth of experience into the founding of Freight Dash. His vision was to create a B2B software solution to revolutionize the logistics industry. This vision was inspired, in part, by engaging conversations with future co-founders Vivian Yu and Jing Yuan in Vancouver, where their children attended school.

Aside from his professional accomplishments, Galen is an ardent traveller and an avid football fan. He also enjoys a good game of Go. He moved to Canada in January 2021 to prioritize his daughter's education, reflecting his dedication as a father.

Galen's leadership style is marked by his rich experience, unwavering dedication, and innovative thinking. As the CEO and co-founder of Freight Dash, he is committed to driving the company toward a future where logistics operations are optimized, streamlined, and incredibly efficient. His expert knowledge and deep passion for the industry ensure that Freight Dash is well-positioned to make significant strides in the logistics sector.

Xin Su

COO and Co-founder

Dr. Xin Su's journey to the world of logistics and operations is a testament to her adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit. As the COO of Freight Dash, Xin leverages her unique background in medicine and influencer marketing to offer innovative solutions to last and middle-mile distribution companies.

Xin's academic credentials are deeply rooted in the field of medicine. She graduated from the Third Military Medical University of PLA. She earned her medical doctorate from the Air Force Medical University of PLA. She served as a dedicated dermatologist at the National Defense Information University of PLA for eight years, enriching lives with her medical expertise.

However, Xin's career trajectory took an unexpected turn when she decided to assist her husband, a TikTok influencer in the skincare industry, with his business. As she dove into influencer marketing, she realized the logistical challenges many influencers faced due to the rapid increase in product demand, a phenomenon accelerated by the economic shifts brought on by COVID-19.

Recognizing a unique opportunity, Xin transitioned from medicine to logistics and co-founded Freight Dash in January 2022. Her goal was to alleviate the logistical issues many businesses, including those of influencers, needed help with. Simultaneously, she co-founded Shanghai Fantuantuan Technology, a skincare distribution company, in June 2022, further solidifying her presence in the business world.

Xin enjoys watching movies, reading, and travelling in her free time. She also has a passion for playing the accordion. Her diverse interests reflect her multifaceted personality, a trait that she brings into her leadership role at Freight Dash.

With her unusual combination of medical, influencer marketing, and logistics expertise, Xin has a unique perspective on the challenges of the distribution industry. As the COO of Freight Dash, she is committed to streamlining operations and providing effective software solutions for businesses grappling with logistical complexities. Her ability to perceive problems from various angles and find innovative solutions is pivotal in the company's journey toward revolutionizing the logistics industry.

Yanhong Du


Yanhong Du is the embodiment of adaptability and financial acumen. As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Co-founder of Freight Dash, Yanhong brings a wealth of finance and logistics experience and a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behaviour.

A graduate of Qi Yanyin College, Yanhong began her career owning and operating physical retail clothing stores from 2000 to 2011. Her keen observation of the market and consumers led her to recognize a seismic shift in purchasing behaviours. Yanhong quickly adapted to this change, transitioning to the logistics sector in 2011. She joined Tianjin Ship Management Company, a logistics company specializing in freight, where she worked in the financial department.

Her exemplary performance and financial expertise saw her swiftly rise to the role of CFO at Tianjin Ship Management Company. During her tenure, Yanhong had the opportunity to collaborate with Galen Li, who was then working with Huawei. Together, they enhanced the operations of various companies within Huawei's supply chain, further honing Yanhong's skills in logistics and financial management.

Outside her professional life, Yanhong is a loving mother and wife who enjoys travelling and spending time with her family. Her ability to balance a demanding career with a fulfilling personal life is a testament to her strength and determination.

When Yanhong co-founded Freight Dash, she brought her deep understanding of finance, logistics, and consumer behaviour. Her financial knowledge and experience in logistics make her an integral part of the Freight Dash team. As CFO, Yanhong is committed to ensuring the financial health and sustainability of the company while also contributing to its strategic direction. Her insights into market trends and ability to adapt to changing dynamics have been invaluable in shaping the company's growth trajectory. Yanhong's leadership and expertise are key to Freight Dash's ambition to revolutionize the logistics industry.

Jing Yuan


Jing Yuan, a seasoned technologist and innovator, is Freight Dash's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-founder. Her experience managing high-performing tech teams and passion for start-ups combine to form a powerful combination that drives Freight Dash's technological vision.

Jing's career began at Tencent, a then-start-up that would become a leading multinational technology conglomerate. Starting as a cloud server engineer, she quickly ascended the ranks to manage a team of over 30 professionals. Her role leading a division in the cloud server department allowed her to collaborate with many promising start-ups and assist them in their growth journey.

One of her significant collaborations was with Riot Games' popular online game, League of Legends. Jing worked tirelessly to ensure optimal game performance for players worldwide. This experience honed her skills in problem-solving, technical management, and cultivating global digital experiences.

Beyond her professional life, Jing is an avid traveller with a deep appreciation for new cultures. Japan holds a special place in her heart, and she cherishes her solo journeys there, leaving her two sons under the care of her supportive husband.

Jing's Freight Dash journey started in Vancouver, where she met Galen Li and Vivian Yu through their children. Recognizing a problem that needed a technological solution, Jing was instrumental in shaping Freight Dash's vision.

Renowned for her ability to navigate the "messy stages" of start-up growth, Jing's expertise and passion make her an indispensable part of the Freight Dash team. Her leadership and technological prowess guide developing the company's innovative B2B software solutions. As the CTO of Freight Dash, Jing's contribution goes beyond technology; her belief in the potential of start-ups is at the heart of the company's culture, inspiring the team to strive for continuous innovation and growth.

Vivian Yu


Vivian Yu, a multifaceted entrepreneur and marketing maven, serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Freight Dash. With her rich background in accounting, television editing, programming, and digital technology, Vivian offers an array of skills that enhance the company's marketing strategies and overall vision.

Vivian's educational journey began at Guangxi Financial College, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Accounting. She further broadened her academic horizons at the Communication University of China, earning a Television Editing and Programming certificate. These diverse areas of study reflect Vivian's wide-ranging interests and ability to weave together different disciplines to create innovative solutions.

She has held leadership roles in multiple companies, including Yuekang Pharmaceutical Group, where she co-owns and oversees marketing for the company and its brands. Additionally, she serves as the Co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Yuyao Media Technology Company, a B2B software company. Earlier in her career, she was the Director of New Media for Xinhua Network TV Station.

Vivian's professional competencies extend beyond business and marketing. She is well-versed in Web, iOS, and Android development and is proficient in database management, C++, and Java. Her software skills include using Office software, Axure RP, and Visio effectively.

Known for her friendly and sincere demeanour, Vivian is meticulous, focused, and displays a strong sense of responsibility. Her ability to adapt and learn swiftly matches her love for life and her passion for engaging with others. She possesses a calm, introverted nature and a knack for thoughtful research and contemplation. These traits are intrinsic to her role at Freight Dash, where she guides marketing strategies with earnestness and a rich reservoir of experience.

A chance meeting inspired Vivian to co-found Freight Dash with Galen Li and Jing Yuan in Vancouver, where her 16-year-old daughter attends school. Like her career, her journey to Freight Dash is a testament to her ability to seize opportunities and forge successful enterprises. As the company's CMO, Vivian is dedicated to creating impactful marketing strategies to establish the company as a leader in the logistics software market. Her unique blend of skills and experiences makes her an indispensable asset to Freight Dash's ambitious journey.

Zishan Poojary

Head of Business Development

At Freight Dash, we're proud to have Zishan Poojary leading our business development efforts.  Zishan's journey to Freight Dash is as unique as it is inspiring. Immigrating to Canada as a child with his family over 15 years ago, Zishan grew up immersed in logistics, nurtured by a trucking family where his father worked as a long-haul driver. This upbringing instilled in him a profound understanding of the logistics industry and a deep appreciation for the hardworking individuals who keep it moving.

Zishan's connections within the logistics community are extensive, having grown up surrounded by friends and relatives working in various facets of the industry. This network and his intimate knowledge of the sector's challenges and opportunities make him an invaluable asset to our team and partners.

Holding a diploma in Supply Chain Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Zishan has harnessed his academic knowledge and personal experience to drive business growth and forge solid and lasting relationships in the logistics world.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Zishan is a passionate soccer fan and an avid outdoorsman. His love for soccer is matched only by his ambition to attend as many World Cup games as possible when the tournament comes to Vancouver in 2026—a testament to his enthusiasm and zest for life.

At Freight Dash, Zishan is more than just the Head of Business Development. He embodies the spirit of our mission: to understand deeply, connect genuinely, and deliver excellence. His vision for our company aligns with his personal goals—to bring people together, whether it's through the seamless logistics solutions we provide or celebrating the beautiful game on a global stage.