Vivian Yu


Vivian Yu, a multifaceted entrepreneur and marketing maven, serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Freight Dash. With her rich background in accounting, television editing, programming, and digital technology, Vivian offers an array of skills that enhance the company's marketing strategies and overall vision.

Vivian's educational journey began at Guangxi Financial College, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Accounting. She further broadened her academic horizons at the Communication University of China, earning a Television Editing and Programming certificate. These diverse areas of study reflect Vivian's wide-ranging interests and ability to weave together different disciplines to create innovative solutions.

She has held leadership roles in multiple companies, including Yuekang Pharmaceutical Group, where she co-owns and oversees marketing for the company and its brands. Additionally, she serves as the Co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Yuyao Media Technology Company, a B2B software company. Earlier in her career, she was the Director of New Media for Xinhua Network TV Station.

Vivian's professional competencies extend beyond business and marketing. She is well-versed in Web, iOS, and Android development and is proficient in database management, C++, and Java. Her software skills include using Office software, Axure RP, and Visio effectively.

Known for her friendly and sincere demeanour, Vivian is meticulous, focused, and displays a strong sense of responsibility. Her ability to adapt and learn swiftly matches her love for life and her passion for engaging with others. She possesses a calm, introverted nature and a knack for thoughtful research and contemplation. These traits are intrinsic to her role at Freight Dash, where she guides marketing strategies with earnestness and a rich reservoir of experience.

A chance meeting inspired Vivian to co-found Freight Dash with Galen Li and Jing Yuan in Vancouver, where her 16-year-old daughter attends school. Like her career, her journey to Freight Dash is a testament to her ability to seize opportunities and forge successful enterprises. As the company's CMO, Vivian is dedicated to creating impactful marketing strategies to establish the company as a leader in the logistics software market. Her unique blend of skills and experiences makes her an indispensable asset to Freight Dash's ambitious journey.