Xin Su

COO and Co-founder

Dr. Xin Su's journey to the world of logistics and operations is a testament to her adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit. As the COO of Freight Dash, Xin leverages her unique background in medicine and influencer marketing to offer innovative solutions to last and middle-mile distribution companies.

Xin's academic credentials are deeply rooted in the field of medicine. She graduated from the Third Military Medical University of PLA. She earned her medical doctorate from the Air Force Medical University of PLA. She served as a dedicated dermatologist at the National Defense Information University of PLA for eight years, enriching lives with her medical expertise.

However, Xin's career trajectory took an unexpected turn when she decided to assist her husband, a TikTok influencer in the skincare industry, with his business. As she dove into influencer marketing, she realized the logistical challenges many influencers faced due to the rapid increase in product demand, a phenomenon accelerated by the economic shifts brought on by COVID-19.

Recognizing a unique opportunity, Xin transitioned from medicine to logistics and co-founded Freight Dash in January 2022. Her goal was to alleviate the logistical issues many businesses, including those of influencers, needed help with. Simultaneously, she co-founded Shanghai Fantuantuan Technology, a skincare distribution company, in June 2022, further solidifying her presence in the business world.

Xin enjoys watching movies, reading, and travelling in her free time. She also has a passion for playing the accordion. Her diverse interests reflect her multifaceted personality, a trait that she brings into her leadership role at Freight Dash.

With her unusual combination of medical, influencer marketing, and logistics expertise, Xin has a unique perspective on the challenges of the distribution industry. As the COO of Freight Dash, she is committed to streamlining operations and providing effective software solutions for businesses grappling with logistical complexities. Her ability to perceive problems from various angles and find innovative solutions is pivotal in the company's journey toward revolutionizing the logistics industry.