Jing Yuan


Jing Yuan, a seasoned technologist and innovator, is Freight Dash's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-founder. Her experience managing high-performing tech teams and passion for start-ups combine to form a powerful combination that drives Freight Dash's technological vision.

Jing's career began at Tencent, a then-start-up that would become a leading multinational technology conglomerate. Starting as a cloud server engineer, she quickly ascended the ranks to manage a team of over 30 professionals. Her role leading a division in the cloud server department allowed her to collaborate with many promising start-ups and assist them in their growth journey.

One of her significant collaborations was with Riot Games' popular online game, League of Legends. Jing worked tirelessly to ensure optimal game performance for players worldwide. This experience honed her skills in problem-solving, technical management, and cultivating global digital experiences.

Beyond her professional life, Jing is an avid traveller with a deep appreciation for new cultures. Japan holds a special place in her heart, and she cherishes her solo journeys there, leaving her two sons under the care of her supportive husband.

Jing's Freight Dash journey started in Vancouver, where she met Galen Li and Vivian Yu through their children. Recognizing a problem that needed a technological solution, Jing was instrumental in shaping Freight Dash's vision.

Renowned for her ability to navigate the "messy stages" of start-up growth, Jing's expertise and passion make her an indispensable part of the Freight Dash team. Her leadership and technological prowess guide developing the company's innovative B2B software solutions. As the CTO of Freight Dash, Jing's contribution goes beyond technology; her belief in the potential of start-ups is at the heart of the company's culture, inspiring the team to strive for continuous innovation and growth.